quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009

Shape your way

If I could see you for a second
Or fake a touch for a second
With my dry lips
In your lonely lips
With my uncertain hands
In your certain hips

(Expanding my wishes
Expanding my seconds
Into your second wish)

Only if I could do so
I wouldn’t be missing you
Come along with me
Hand in hand with my
Come along with me
Cross the world with me
Shape our place
With both hands in my face

Even if I may not be me
Or you may not see me
Even so

Fake a way, take a way

Even if you know
That’s not the right way
Even so

Fake a way, take a way

Even if you can’t find me
In your way
Even so

Take a way, fake a way

Tell me the great lie
I can take it
I won’t die
I shall keep it instead
Till my body drops dead
Never mind
Take my body
Shape your way.

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